What Is Squirting & How to Make a Woman Squirt?

What is squirting?

Squirting, also known as women squirting, female ejaculation, girls gushing or women cumming, is a form of clear fluid expelled from Skene's gland in the vagina during orgasm when you are masturbating or having sex.

Ladies, if you have ever gotten so wet while masturbating or being fingered or having sex, that you thought you had peed? You were probably not peeing like you might have thought, but we’re actually squirting, especially if you had to pee, and usually a lot, after sex. Gentlemen and ladies who have been with ladies who have gotten that wet, that is what that was. The key to this is that if that has happened, the lady can squirt, but the question is how do you MAKE her do it on purpose.

Female anatomy lesson

The female anatomy differs from the female, but all those born female should have the same basic parts: vaginal lips, vaginal opening, clitoris, or clit, and urethra opening. The opening to the urethra is closed by a sphincter muscle which keeps it closed and hidden, for the most part, unless you go looking for it, and lies between the vaginal opening and the clit. The clit sits like a little button just above it and on the outside of the vaginal opening but inside the area surrounded by the vaginal lips. Everything inside the area surrounded by the vaginal lips must stay slightly damp like the inside of your facial lips and is very sensitive in much the same way, so when searching for a way to make squirting happen, keep this in mind.

On every natural woman, there is, up inside her vaginal canal a patch of skin that does not feel, were one to go feeling around up in there, and why not? Like the slick skin of the rest of the vaginal canal. It's similar to the difference between the inside of your facial lips and the outside portion. That button of skin is on the inside of the vaginal wall, about three inches or so up and just at about the spot where the clit is on the outside. Putting a thumb on the clit and matching your fingers inside the canal to the same spot will give you an approximate location. When feeling for it, it is a little harsher feeling than the satiny walls of the vaginal canal, but it is not less sensitive, just sensitive in a different way. That button is what some have called the G-spot and though it probably will not cause an immediate orgasm like legends claim, it is the way to get a woman to squirt.

For some women the G-spot and orgasm are inseparable, but not for most, sadly. When first discovering the G-spot though, have some fun seeing what the sensations are and combine them with others to see if they heighten enjoyment levels or trigger orgasms more easily. The exercise we want to practice here though is to get the squirt to happen. Keep in mind that it may not happen the first time though, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t, just have fun while you keep working with it.

How to Make a Woman Squirt

To begin, the lady needs to be hydrated that day and to empty her bladder just before beginning so that there is no confusion between urine and squirting sexual juices. Then both of you need to get relaxed and she needs to get naked, whether quickly or while making out - your choice - and then propped up on pillows, preferably with a towel under the lady’s bottom so she will not worry about making a mess. Having another soft hand towel at close range might be a good idea as well. Also, be ready to talk - asking questions and talking about the feelings being produced is key here.

Now, begin by putting at least two - the first and middle - fingers inside the lady’s vaginal canal, gently and making it feel good and sexy, and attempt to locate the G-spot. Once it has been found, or at least where it should be, begin rubbing it in circles. Next, press on it a bit while continuing the circles and have the lady note the feelings it produces.

Secondly, continue rubbing inside and also now use the thumb to rub circles either on or around the clit and note the feelings that changes, improves, or causes. Ask the lady if she prefers circles around or on top of her clit as everyone is different. Some like the clit hood pulled back but that is too intense for others. That move is something to keep in mind to push her over the edge later if necessary.

Thirdly, get the lady all hot and bothered by continuing to finger her while also playing with other parts and things she likes, just do not penetrate her with anything more than the fingers. Once she is fully warmed up, and hopefully panting, it is time to move off the clit and begin speeding up the movement and pressure on the G-spot.

The more pressure and speed in and out that used against the top of the vaginal canal, the more likely the movement is to trigger the feeling in the lady that she is going to lose control. She has probably been holding back against that pressure for a while, but has not allowed herself to let the sphincter muscle loosen. Encourage her to push the finger pressure now. There should be a bit of liquid that is expelled and if so keep the encouragement going while moving fingers faster. Once she feels the release of pressure once, start stirring inside her instead of just going in and out, and then use the other hand or lips, tongue, and even teeth on the clit, even pulling the clit hood back, to send her over the edge so she completely loses control and press against the feeling of pressure instead of holding it back.

The smell of her squirting sexual juices and urine will be different. Her squirting juices will have no smell or will smell sweet but will not be as thick as those deeper within the vagina that slicks the vaginal canal in getting ready she sex. The squirting sexual juices will also be clear and the lady will still need to urinate after squirting, although her urine might not be as colored immediately afterward as it is usually because she urinated just before you began. Many people who enjoy the flavor of a lady’s vaginal secretions normally will also enjoy the flavor of the squirting juices and some make it a point of pride to catch the actual squirts - if the lady can push it out hard enough - in their mouth.

Regardless of your preferences and the results, keep trying and keep having the fun of trying. Keep stirring the juices and make sure the lady is relaxed and ok with her body and what it does.

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