How to Be A Submissive Male - Female Dominates Male

--- Author: GoddessLexii ---

If you are submissive male, you’ve probably noticed that there are more submissive males than there are dominant females. Fortunately, more and more males are waking up to the fact that women are naturally superior. Unfortunately, for those males, it can be difficult to find that dominatrix of their dreams due to the fact that most women are taking longer waking up to this fact. The good news is that you can change that ratio, and I will tell you how to turn any woman into the dominant Goddess of your dreams. Whether you’ve just met her, or you’ve been married for years, follow these rules and your woman will be towering above you in no time.

I was born and raised a Goddess in a wealthy family. My dad was always submissive towards my powerful mother. I learned a lot from both of them, how to influence the world towards a Female Supremacist society. For me, every woman I meet wants to know how I do it; they are all interested in being dominant, but they have been blinded by society. What you men have to understand is that:

1.) All Women are naturally dominant.

2.) Any Woman will enjoy dominating a man if given the right opportunity.

Now, that being said, here’s how you will bring out the dominance in any woman. Although they are numbered, none of these are any more important than the other. You must follow each and every rule for you to be successful.

1.) Do not talk about or reference pornography on any occasion.

2.) Do not rush into it, or she may initially assume you’re a weak, sex hungry pervert.

3.) Take it slow, and plant small seeds of your Female Supremacist feelings. Try talking to her, and asking her how she feels about the idea of Females taking over the world.

4.) Maintain a balance between being a real man, and a submissive pet. Women still love a confident man, and one of the most important things is to be content with your submissive ways; never thinking any less of yourself because of it. In fact, being submissive to a woman makes you stronger by fulfilling your destiny on this planet as a male.

5.) Don’t expect her to be dominant overnight, and don’t get discouraged if it takes her a while to open up and let her dominant nature run free. Chances are, most women will take anywhere from months to years to completely become that Goddess of your dreams.

6.) You will never “make” her dominant. You can and will, however, let her natural dominance run free by encouraging it with your submissiveness, obedience, and patience.

7.) ALWAYS make her feel like a true Goddess. Treat her with respect, listen to her every word and thought intently, show her by your actions that she is the most important thing in your life, prove to her that her happiness is essential to your happiness, and of course, pamper her with every opportunity you get.

When she gets home from work, massage her feet and her legs. Or if she has a desk job, massage her back, neck, and arms. If you do not know how to give a good massage, I’d highly recommend going on YouTube and researching different techniques; find out which ones she enjoys the most.

Make sure she is always comfortable, bring her a drink and maybe a snack while she relaxes as you cook dinner.

It goes on and on, but it all revolves around her, and her only. Get used to the fact that if you want her to be dominant, you have to be submissive. A strong gentleman will do anything to satisfy his beloved woman.

8.) In the bedroom, focus on her and try not to think too much about yourself. Always ask permission to come. This will instill the idea that she has control of your orgasms. If she asks why you keep asking, tell her that you want her to be in control; that you love it when she has the power she rightfully deserves.

Get used to eating her out, and services her in any way possible. Gently massage her legs and feet after you get her to come, and forget about yourself. This will let her know that she is more important to you than yourself. A true gentleman will do this without a second thought.

9.) Do your best to give her everything she wants; within reason. Never save something for tomorrow, you could’ve done today. If she asks you to do something, do it happily without discussion.

10.) Don’t forget to be romantic, and show your love for her in various ways. Whether you prepare her a nice bath with candles, cook her a nice romantic dinner, take her on a very special date, or go out of your way to do something that will make her happy.

11.)After she starts to show interest in her dominant side, encourage it by being submissive and gladly obedient. Prove to her that you are happy to be with her; that you love serving her.

12.) Once she begins to let her dominant nature run free, ask her questions about your fetishes in a theoretical fashion. Ask her how she feels about (x) and if she has ever thought about (x). If she shows no interest, then let it go (for now) and come back to it later; after you have tried other things that do interest her. For example, if you ask her about her interest in ballbusting and she says no, but you ask her about bondage and she says yes; go with that. Then after you have experimented with bondage for a while, go back and see if she is interested in ballbusting. If she still isn’t, just try different things that interest her. Eventually, you will be able to openly talk about your fetishes and she will enjoy playing with you in whatever way you desire.

13.) BE PATIENT. This will not happen overnight and may take months or years for her to fully understand the natural gift of dominance she has been born with as a Female.

14.) Love her, care for her, and she will love and care for you. Simple, but very true.

Remember, all women are naturally dominant, they just don’t know it yet. You can’t force her to be dominant. You just have to subtly encourage it, show her the power she has by being the submissive that you are, be confident and content with your fetishes, and love on her.

Good luck unlocking the dominance in your Goddesses! Let the Goddess inside her out if her cage, and let her run free!