Foot Fetish Stories: Did you want to be my foot slave?

Do you like feet? Are you a foot lover like me? Let me share an awesome story that happened some weeks ago.

I went to the supermarket near my home as usual day, after a long day working, I needed some staffs to dinner. My home is near the supermarket and I used to go by walk.

I was in frozen sector looking the refrigerator when I heard footsteps by high heels approachingme. As an educated man, I looked down just to disguise like nothing happening and take a look her feet. I usually repair on shoes, boots, sandals before loot at chests or face.

I was trying to be discreet, however, I am sure she understood what I was looking for. She was a blonde, tall and slim girl dressing a middle gray dress with a long lateral slit showing all leg since thigh to the foot. Not satisfied, she was wearing open high heels black with golden stones around, it was absolutely sexy!!! Inside those amazing high heels, she had cute pale feet with black nails and very well taken care of. I really now when a girl takes care off her feet, I can say that I am a specialist on woman foot.

At this moment I just got blocked my neck and couldn’t stop to admire her awesome view. I was raving and chocked absolutely frozen when I woke up listening to her sweet voice asking me “Excuse me, can I open the refrigerator door?”

I have no idea why she appeared in that moment, in that supermarket, in that sector and wanted to open the exactdoor that I was front stopped. Sound looks destination but I don’t know if I believe in that.

I asked sorry to be so stupid and be paralyzed without any movement, she was so kind, a little bit shy to say “no problem,” but I found out a deep hot way to be faced that situation. I opened the refrigerator door to be polite and she was in front of me and stood on tiptoe trying to pick up the highest pack of frozen food.

You cannot believe my reaction in that moment I looked up that shape and be excited in the fraction of seconds. I wished to hold her waist strong and push her to near me. I couldn’t realize my wish and I just asked if I could help her. She showed a great interest to break into my mind and realize all my dirty thoughts. I really believe that girl could read my thoughts.

I asked her name and we started a conversation as a normal friend, but at the same time, I saw she was getting close and close like trying to feel my hormones smell that I was exhaling. I was looking many times to her feet and she got it, she asked me “did you like my feet or my high heels?” I got shy in the same moment and couldn’t think in a good answer, all my face became red and burning like an erupting volcano and involuntarily I said “yeah, your feet are so sexy, I would love to have my tongue in it”

OMG! what I did? I was surprised by my reaction, though I was much more by her reaction. She told me “let’s go away and it will be yours to do wherever you desire”.I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. In the same moment, I accepted her invitation and asked her to go home.

Arriving at home, she laid down on the sofa and looked up me with a pretty face. I was almost cum in my pants but I needed to control me. I kneel in front her perfect and small feet and started to lick very slow and wet finger by finger. The smell of her feet was like a spring flower and she started to become excited and touch her body closing her eyes and enjoying my feet kisses. Slowly I slipped my hand under her dress and arrived in her tiny panties. Pulling aside I felt her vagina very wet and crazy to be licked as well. I started to touch slowly her clits and vagina’s lips to make her more and more excited. I took off her high heels and I pounded in my mouth at once. She screamed as getting an orgasm, totally crazy to be stuffed by my member.

I ask to step foot on me when I am laid down on the floor. She took off the dress and her bra, I was looking her above me and rubbing her feet in my body slipping to my face making me feel so good.I needed make her lovely blond crazy and she definitely got the power above me, she was enjoying the sensation to dominate me and drive my movements.

We were playing like dome and sub in this moment switching sometimes, she asked me to do and I was doing like her pet, opposite way was true as well. Her command was to lick her as an ice-cream smelting. I can remember her taste in my mouth, she was really wet. After some minutes doing her vagina satisfied, I made a command to open her legs and penetrate slowly and deep.

My movements were precisians and I was really hard, I made her cum many times subsequent. We variate too many positions and we were enjoying that night as the last night in the world. I couldn’t imagine after a hard day working an amazing blonde and sexy girl would invite me to have some fun without compromise.

When she turned by doggy style, I penetrated her by back and her hole was really tight, making me forced to break into strongly. She was scramming asking more and more hard, to push her and make her squirt on all sofa!

One request that I cannot forget is she commanded me to hold her feet together jerking off in my member until I cum all off over it.

After cum, she asked me where the bathroom is. I was dropped off on the sofa when she has back and asking me to open the door. I opened and told goodbye with a little kiss on her lips. After close the door I looked up around and couldn’t imagine that all of that happened with me.

Damn it!!! I didn’t buy things to have a dinner, I needed back on the supermarket.